NCReport C++/Qt Report Generator System

NCReport is a powerful, fast, multi-platform and easy to use report engine library, report generator, report designer, report writer, reporting tool and reporting solution written in C++ based on Qt cross-platform application and UI framework. NCReport is a great choice if you are looking for a Qt report engine, Qt report tool, Qt report library, Qt reporting tool, C++ reporting library for Qt or a Qt reporting library or simply a tool that generates PDF document from Qt using an XML template. NCReport is Qt5 and Qt4 compatible.

The system consists of two parts: Report rendering library and a report designer GUI application. The report engine can be used and implemented separately. Report definition applies XML format, stored in any format -  file or sql database. The system ables to generate several types of outputs such as direct printer, internal preview window, postscript, PDF, SVG, Image, Text, HTML. The report designer makes very easy to create report XML definitions.


  • Several types of datasources: SQL database, Text, QAbstractItemModel, QStringList, Custom subclassed data source
  • Supported output formats: Printer, Postscript, PDF, SVG, Text, HTML, Image
  • Native Text/HTML output by an additional template
  • Fast internal preview window
  • Internal or external SQL database connection
  • Report elements: Label, Field, HTML text, Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Images, Barcode and Custom item for graphs or any QPainter based customized contents
  • Parameters from application side
  • Multiple details in one report
  • Cross tabulation tables
  • Page header/footer
  • Report header/footer
  • Unlimited level of groups with group headers, footers, aggregate functions: SUM, COUNT, AVG, STD, MIN, MAX
  • Variables for aggregate functions, system variables
  • Images: static, file, data source or http based. File name can also be fetched from data source
  • Complete Html document printing mode for multi-page rich text documents
  • Barcode rendering with at least 50 types of available barcodes thanks to the Zint barcode library. Barcode data can be feed from any data sources
  • Script expressions for fields and texts and logical conditions
  • Show or hide items and sections by logical contitions
  • Conditional Field or Label formatting
  • Numeric, date data formatting
  • Pure Qt4/Qt5 compatible code
  • Native multi-platform supports thanks to Qt.
  • And much more...

Supported platforms

NCReport is primarily supported under Windows, Linux, MacOSX but the software sytem is already integrated and applied under Solaris, Embedded Linux and Android as well by some company users. Since 2013 november the Raspberry Pi became a supported platform as well.


  1. Provides fast, native printing, report generating function to your applications
  2. Lightweight, powerful and easy to integrate.
  3. Native, cross-platform Qt/C++ code
  4. Very good price/value rate

Download NCReport

For trial purpose you can download NCReport system evaluation versions at our download page. Evaluation packages are fully working softwares including all necessary files for tryout. The limitations are the printed evaluation text on all rendered pages. You can purchase a license here.

Purchase NCReport

You can purchase developer licenses on the purchase page.