Welcome to NociSoft

Welcome to the NociSoft Software Solutions! We are a family company (Helta Ltd.) including a software technology part. Helta Ltd. has been founded in 1993. NociSoft Software Solution as the member of this small business has been founded in 2007. NociSoft is specified to developing up to date valuable software solutions using the most efficient today cross platform software technologies. The prior mission of NociSoft is developing, maintaining and supporting multi platform applications and solutions primarily using C++/Qt techonlogy. NCReport system is the most important software product of our company.


Our primary software product NCReport is a powerful, fast, multi-platform and easy to use report engine library, report generator, report designer, report writer, reporting tool, document printing system written in C++ and based on Qt toolkit. The software's primary function is the direct printing, previewing or generating, PDF, PS, HTML, SVG, TEXT file from any data source by using an XML report template. Supported platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Raspberry Pi. NCReport is already integrated and applied under Solaris, Embedded Linux and Android as well.

Latest news

NCReport 2.12.1 released

NCReport new version released

NCReport 2.12.0 released

Again a new minor version is out. 2.12 version is a milestone release with several improvements and cleaner code. This version includes new features, new API functions and fixes. Customized contents now has better support.

NCReport 2.11.2

NCReport 2.11.2 has been released. This version contains new features bugfixes and several minor fixes and improvements.